Center For Democratic Governance

The today’s key point is: how can civil society encourage democratic governance in the country where they live. There are various problems which address the failure of democratic governance such as “the shortfall of democracy” is one of those. To overcome this enormous gap between political parties and citizens; it is necessary to expand the influence of civil society to establish the democratic governance in the state. Civil society wants well structured, prosperous governance in form of objectives and goals. The civil society can take more energetic role to implement the democratic governance in the country where they live and not only on national level but also on international level and with this regard there is a need of cooperation of national and international NGOs.
The aim should be to analyze the effects of global transformations for social integration in the civil society and by developing a framework of democratic governance, in which the civil society desires should be situated and through which democratic governance can be implemented in better ways. TheNetwork’s Center for Democratic Governance (CDG) aims to raise citizen's awareness on vital political, social and economic issues and promote democratic attitudes. Furthermore, democratic governance concerns – particularly regarding control, oversight and transparency – those are totally unseen in the country now a days. Therefore CDG is focusing to promote elementary & legitimate rights, good supremacy, accountability of government institutions, free & fair elections, women empowerment and public participation in policy making in Pakistan.