Project Launching “Ensuring Access to Safe Drinkin

Islamabad October 15, 2015: To further improve the drinking water quality in line with the international standards, TheNetwork for Consumer Protection launched &ldquo;Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water&rdquo; project in the local hotel. The project is supported by the USAID.<br />
The ceremony was also addressed by officials from Pakistan Council of Research in Water Recourses PCRWR, Water and Sanitation Agency WASA, Capital Development Authority CDA, Environment Protection Agency EPA, National Institute of Health NIH and representatives from academia and civil society.<br />
Highlighting the importance of the project, Nadeem Iqbal, Executive Coordinator, TheNetwork for Consumer Protection (TN) said that main objective is to bring different government departments responsible for ensuring safe drinking water on one table to develop much needed synergy and to help consumers develop the understanding of safe water, its testing and how standards are enforced with their active participation.<br />
The main objectives of the project are; creating understanding and consensus among the concerned players about the nature of the issue and the measures that need to be taken for its effective resolution, raising awareness and building advocacy for the early promulgation of the legislative framework that will ascertain consumer&rsquo;s access to safe drinking water by relevant authorities.<br />
Ms. Lubna Bukhari DG PCRWR said due to the population boom, water contamination and scarcity has increased. To combat these issues PCRWR has launched major National Water Quality programs in 24 major cities of Pakistan which indicated that only 15% of the selected samples were safe for drinking. Most of them had microbiological contamination and can cause various water borne diseases. She said it was important to collaborate with all organizations to find a viable solution for addressing water quality and scarcity issues.<br />
Mr. Saqib Elahi Deputy Director Water Supply WASA said that 180 mini water filtration plants had been installed by WASA in Rawalpindi and they are working to ensure safe drinking water for all consumers.<br />
Mr Zia-ud-din Khattak director EPA emphasized the need for safe water and gave a call for action for a National Action Plan.<br />
Mr. Irfan Deputy Director Water Supply CDA said that 37 water filtration plants come under CDA and we are constantly monitoring the water quality and also our plants are being properly maintained.<br />