"Policy Rankings Revealed: Commercial Banks in Pakistan Fall Short on Sustainability Commitments"

At the policy ranking launch of 5 commercial banks, Pakistan’s “Benchmarking the Sustainability Policies of Banks in Pakistan”, Nadeem Iqbal CEO of TheNetwork, a coalition member of Fair Finance Pakistan highlighted commercial banks should have effective operational-level grievance mechanisms for individuals and communities who may be adversely impacted.
Policy rankings of five leading commercial banks in Pakistan, have low policy commitments on climate change, human rights, gender equality, and labour rights, while none disclose policies on nature and tax when lending money to companies.

Fair Finance Pakistan is a member of Fair Finance International and seeks to strengthen the commitment of financial institutions to social, environmental, consumer and human rights standards.

Fair Finance Pakistan assessed the sustainability policies of Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Allied Bank Limited (ABL), National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Meezan Bank, and MCB Bank across 10 thematic areas in the Fair Finance Guide International (FFGI) Methodology.

The highest average scores are observed for the themes of financial consumer protection where these banks got an average score of 4.62 out of 10.