Awareness session organized with Mothers in Rawat

2014-07-09 00:00:00
As part of sensitizing consumers on the benefits of iodized salt usage to combat iodine deficiency disorders, TheNetwork team held an awareness session with 23 mothers in Rawat at the outskirts of Islamabad on 9th, May, 2014. This session focused on consumption of iodized salt and importance of its usage to combat iodine deficiency which cost us 10 – 15 point loss in IQ level, resulting in retarded growth, low school performance and higher school dropouts.
TN team learnt that the knowledge about the benefits of iodized salt was very poor due to rumors regarding iodized salt; therefore mothers were not using it in their daily diet. To our surprise out of twenty salt samples tested (brought by the mothers from their homes), only one was iodized salt. The majority of the community is using rock salt; TN presented the benefits of using iodized salt, addressed their misconceptions and convinced them to use it. Mothers resolved to use iodized salt for the best health of their children