Breastfeeding & IDD

TheNetwork has a elongated history of involvement with global movements to promote the awareness and educate the peoples about breastfeeding advantages for infants. In this new era breastfeeding is strongly discouraging by the mothers in all over the world; however the ratio of breastfeeding is high in developing and poor countries without any awareness as compare to developed countries.

Naturally breastfeeding is a best source of infant nutrition; however we have an ethical responsibility to ensure that mothers are fully aware and educated about the health consequences of their infant feeding responsibilities. Through awareness and education all mothers can breastfeed, if they have accurate information, family support and support by health care staff as well.

Breastfeeding is recommended up to 02 years of age or beyond with complementary food usage. All babies need to have a large quantity of vitamin D to prevent a bone-weakening disease called rickets. Breastmilk provides convinced nutrients, proteins that can protect your baby from common illnesses. Latest research proves that also, research indicates that women who breastfeed may have lower rates of certain breast and ovarian cancers. So breastfeeding is very helpful for babies and women.