Consumer Rights

Consumer protection campaign have started and grown worldwide during last decade. Now-a-days this is a global phenomena to protect and sustain the consumer interests which is adequately reflected in the guidelines adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1985 (Resolution 39/248) for the protection of consumer rights, and it is joint endeavor of international organization such as Consumer International. Consumer protection campaigns not only protect consumer rights, but also aim to educate and aware the consumers about their rights and build a more equitable and stable economy.

In Pakistan, the consumer is left at the sympathy of shopkeepers and manufacturers. The markets are full of substandard and forged products those are widely available for general public or consumers and all these foods are semi expired, low standard and hazard for healthy lives. With this aim TheNetwork has started its work for consumer protection in Pakistan with the collaboration of Consumer International to encourage awareness among the people regarding the consumers’ right it includes adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and safe drinking water in Pakistan.